Thursday, March 31, 2016

Letter # 3: Casey - "All is Quiet on the Western Front"

Dear Readers;

It has been a while since my last letter - and a lot has been going on. While Chris and myself are rather private and not apt to post photos or videos on any details of these times - we intend on being vocal on the battle itself. And, since I am experiencing all of this from the perspective of the friend and partner who is not ill, and the healthy messenger who intends on fighting and seeking truth -- being vocal is something I CAN do.

We have made some healthier lifestyle adjustments, with more to come. This all isn't something that can be prescribed, but comes highly recommended and we are taking on in a gradual manner.
In the end, Chris ends up being the "guinea pig" of sorts; the most frustrating thing remaining to be not only the lack of solid solutions, but the lack of emotional/mental/philosophical response from our culture.

(This surprises me, as we have made some incredible strides in medicine...And I am NOT saying things aren't being done....but more needs to be spoken of and acknowledged for serious actions to be taken.)

It is too quiet.

Even now - I have spent many hours at the library... combing through book after book...
At home, we go through source after source, site after site...
He and I suck up any new information we can find to use to connect the dots; to fill in a billion-piece puzzle with deformed the point of frustration, where we just want to hammer them in until they fit.
We still press on together - through the vague shadows of thoughts, scenarios, suggestions, attacks....but most of the time--- silence.

It is too quiet.

I was that ignorant once; so was he.
I still am -- We both still have so much to learn.

I think with so many things, people remain this way....Ignorant or indifferent -- it's a survival tactic.
And it makes sense. Shut it out and it can't hurt you. I understand that.

But, there must be a balance (something I admit I have always struggled with).
We as people, have the capacity to learn and take action....
Call it whatever you want-- In this scenario, I don't particularly care what you believe in -- We are a creature who has the brain-power and creativity to improve our MANY ways. It is NOT perfect; there is no such thing.

Everything we have today, is because someone kept thinking and doing-- beyond the penciled-in lines provided.

Good medicine -- is this capacity -- to think, learn....and also, to love. Not trying to sound all wishy-washy or whathaveyou, but compassion is a powerful thing.

Be vocal.
I am.
He is -- he is continuing to make the most incredible music of his life. He isn't going anywhere quietly.

We're in a strange time with a plateauing system....

....Let's make mountains and then sing from them.

Love & Cheers,


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